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?? keep calm and carry on~

▼The line graph compares average yearly spending by Americans on mobile and landline phone services from 2001 to 2010.It is clear that spending on landline phones fell steadily over the 10-year period, while mobile phone expenditure rose quickly. The year 2006 marks the point at which expenditure on mobile services overtook that for residential phone services.In 2001, US consumers spent an average of nearly $700 on residential phone services, compared to only around $200 on cell phone services. Over the following five years, average yearly spending on landlines dropped by nearly $200. By contrast, expen末世重生之我是丧尸diture on mobiles rose by approximately $300.In the year 2006, the average American paid out the same amount of money on both types of phone service, spending just over $500 on each. By 2010, expenditure on mobile phones had reached around $750, while the figure for spending on residential services had fallen to just over half this amount.? Some paraphrasing that you could use in your introduction:- annual expenditures = yearly spending- cell phone services = mobile phones- residential services = landline phones? Two possible main points for your overview / summary:- compare the two trends over the whole period- say what happened in 2006? Select key details:- compare the figures for 2001- describe the changes in expenditure over the following 5 years- give the figures for 2006 (where the two lines meet)- finish with a comparison of spending in 2010▼微信名:哆啦A猫的大世界微信ID:duola-amao? 个人微信号:allegory521? 长按右侧二维码关注我们? LELTS | Writing Task 1魅力研习社160 魅力研习社160