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Wish you a happy Halloween!

Halloween is on November 1st every year. Here, I wish you a happy Halloween!Halloween is a ghost festival, and Halloween is like the Chinese yuan festival for foreign countries. On this day, they will d一只绣花鞋ress up their ghosts and throw parties everywhere. On the eve of Halloween, on the eve of October 31, is the annual harvest festival of the celts, symbolizing the end of the year and the beginning of the New Year.Halloween Customs:On Halloween, the children of every family will dress up as a little kid and ask for candy. The easiest way to dress up is to put on a white sheet, or to dress up as a variety of demons, or to dress up as an angel. In modern times, more parents will dress up children as their favorite characters.And pumpkin is spread in the ancient Irish region, tells the story of a man playing tricks on the devil, the devil wouldnt let him go to hell, and the god of heaven also dont let him into heaven, the devil gave him a candle, the man lit a candle, in a hollowed-out pumpkin, one step one step of the way to find back to Ireland.People in the west believe that after they die, they go to god, so the attitude towards ghost festival in the west is very different from that of the east.In the United States, in addition to the Christmas is the most solemn festival they are for Halloween came second, although the earliest origin of Halloween is related to religion, it still has no religious superstition color, it is to be a peoples fancy dress party.就色吧 就色吧