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Insiders称他为 “我们这个时代最有影响力的设计师之一”。

2017年7月23日-25日交通工具设计:Frank Stephenson汽车设计师Frank毕业于ArtCenter, 自1986年开始在福特公司工作

1991年,他加入慕尼黑宝马集团,负责BMW X5和新MINI的设计


他负责法拉利Fxx超级Enzo, 法拉利F430,玛莎拉蒂MC12, M12 Competizione, 玛莎拉蒂GranSport的研发设计


Frank于2008年至2016年担任迈凯轮的设计总监,主领了迈凯轮12C,P1, P1 GTR, 650S, 675LT and the 570S的设计

Insiders称他为 “我们这个时代最有影响力的设计师之一”

授课内容:(不对外公开)workshop: 创造美的设计Frank作品:论坛费用:RMB 35,000 /人/三天 (6月25日前报名可优惠)论坛说明:1 本论坛全程英语交流,工作坊有交传现场协助

2 论坛结束后学员将获得Art Center "Create Change" Design Forum 结业证书

3 Frank设计工作坊仅有10个名额,先报先得

4 参与工作坊学员即为”Create Change“俱乐部会员,可免费参加由阿森特主办的各类设计俱乐部活动

往期论坛回顾:English:CreateChange Design Forums to be held from July 23th to 25th, 2017.Workshop Topic:Creating beautiful DesignInstructor:Frank StephensonFrank Stephenson,56, is anAmerican/Spanish car designer who has designed a wide range of successful automobiles for various manufacturers.After graduating fromArt Center College of Design, Frank began his career in 1986 with Ford Motor Company in Germany. In 2002 he went to Ferrari and Maserati as their firstever Design Director. There he was responsible for the designs of the FerrariFXX Super Enzo and the the Maserati MC12 Stradale, among many other acclaimedcars. He then became Design Director for Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo andLight Commercial Vehicles in 2006 where he led the design of cars such as theFiat 500, the Fiat Bravo and the Alfa Romeo Mito.His portfolio also includesthe new MINI and the McLaren P1.About Art Center College of DesignArtCenter College of Design, located in Pasadena, California, United States, is one of the top design colleges in the world. Founded in 1930, its Industrial Design and Automotive Design programs are ranked number one in the United States.The graduates of ArtCenter are leaders in their fields around the world and have introduced new creative practices for many generations.In the Film Industry, famous ArtCenter graduates include the directors Michael Bay (Transformer), Zack Snyder (“Man of Steel”) and Syd Mead (“Bladerunner”). ArtCenter graduates have been Chief Designers at all the major car companies around the world, including Chris Bangle (BMW), Ken Okuyama (Porsche), and Franz von Holzhausen (Tesla). ArtCenter graduates Yves Behar (Fuseproject), Laura Dye (Nike) and De Liu (MiPhone) have achieved international success in product design and branding.ArtCenter College of Design has a long history of working closely with industry professionals. In the 1990’s, Art Center worked with Samsung Electronics to make the company more innovative. From this collaboration, ArtCenter is credited with changing the business culture of Samsung. Today, ArtCenter creates sponsored projects and design storms with companies such as: Microsoft, HP, Disney, GE, Honda, BMW, Boeing, Nestle, among many others. About Create Change Design ForumsArtCenter Institute of Design (ACID) is the exclusive partner of ArtCenter College of Design for the purpose of creating educational opportunities in China. From this partnership, ACID has the unique advantage of bringing many famous designers from the prestigious ArtCenter to China. ACID also has a strategic partnership with the Beijing Industrial Design Center (BIDC). Beginning in 2014, ACID held nine “Create Change Design Forums” in China attracting participants from over 100 Chinese companies. Based on the great success and popularity of the “Create Change Design Forums,” ACID is expanding its educational platforms in China.ACID will offer short forums for the leadership team of individual companies, focusing on the process of innovation, business and branding strategy, and design management. Also, ACID offers workshops for company designers to introduce the theory and practice of good design and the importance of effective presentations. Finally, ACID also holds events for students in order to prepare them for professional design careers.Starting in 2016, ACID launched a new opportunity for companies to learn from the professional expertise of prominent ArtCenter alumni and faculty. ACID will work with Chinese companies in a consulting partnership to build a culture of innov迷糊丫头撞上邪恶少爷ation and to give the companies a competitive advantage. Based on the company’s needs and goals, ACID will put together a unique team of designers and business strategists to work with company leadership and designers on specific company projects or to help launch a new creative vision and strategy.Learn to Create , Influence Change.关注Art Center College of Design授权设计教育中心阿森特北京工业设计中心战略合作伙伴关注2017" Create Change"设计论坛及高端工作坊扫二维码关注订阅号createchange日本三级在免费2018 日本三级在免费2018