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多素材纯双语干货,英语学习者必备!1. Bala Morning ReadingOne of your choices will not be sufficient to decide the quality of your life. The state you have been always in is the crucial element. When you are earnest in everything and trying your best to do things,the world will make way for you because of your sincerity.你的一个选择,并不足以决定你的人生质量,你一直以来的状态才是决定因素,凡事用心,凡事尽力,用心的人全世界都会为你让路

2. BaLa Finance News:1. CCTV News, TANG Xiaoli, the deputy director of Bureau of Fund Supervision of Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, revealed that in 2017 a total of 430 billion yuan in nine provinces of basic pension were entrusted to the National Social Security Fund Council for investment and operations. As the first year of entrusted investment and operation of local pensions, it is not a concern to have the rate of return over 5%. This year will also have the pensions of the four provinces of Tibet, Gansu, Zhejiang and Jiangsu added to the entrusted investment, which will increase the size of pension investment by 150 billion yuan.1、央视新闻客户端消息,人社部基金监管局副司长汤晓丽透露,2017年共有九个省份的4300亿元基本养老金委托给全国社保基金理事会进行投资运营



4. The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development promulgated the circular on accelerating the classification of domestic garbage in some key cities to speed up the classification of household garbage in 46 major cities. The circular proposes that by the end of March, 46 key cities should issue plans or action plans for the management of household garbage classification, define the annual work targets, refine the content of work and quantify the tasks. The party, government agencies, military units, hospitals and schools take the lead to expand the classification of household waste to all public agencies and related businesses.4、住建部印发加快推进部分重点城市生活垃圾分类工作的通知,旨在加快推进46个重点城市生活垃圾分类工作



3. BaLa Sharing:5. (in) black and whitea)In a way that makes people or things seem completely bad or good, or completely right or wrong.我们在评论是非对错的时候,可能会听到有人说“不分黑白”


例如:Its a complex issue, but he only sees it in black and white.这是个很复杂的问题,但是他只是非黑即白地来看它

b)In writing or in print中文里,尤其是在电臭檀视剧里,每次遇到“签字画押”情节,总能听到“白纸黑字”是不?英文里也有对应的含义

例如:I never thought theyd put it in black and white on the front page.我没想到他们会把这白纸黑字地印在头版上

6. Shut / close your eyes to something中文里咱们说“对……视而不见”,差不多就是这个意思

You cant just close your eyes to his violence.你不能对他的暴力行为视而不见

They seem intent on shutting their eyes to the problems of pollution.他们似乎打算对污染问题视而不见

7. Two heads are better than one.原来是“三个臭皮匠赛过诸葛亮”


8. Be engraved on/ in your heart, memory, mind, etc.深深地印在心里或者记忆里

例如:The date of the accident remains engraved on my mind.事情发生的那个日子已铭记在我心上

4. BaLa Classic Reading:有这种生活经验的人,倒饶有情趣地回忆起隆冬深夜,置身在旷山大野中,几个同伴围在篝火旁边取暖的动人情景


在它的猛烈的燃烧中,迸出噼噼啪啪的爆炸,不像一声声鼓点吗?Therefore, those who have such experiences in life will on the contrary, recall, with interest, the moving scene of the chilly cold winter night: when some companions were in the mountain fields, several colleagues sat round a bonfire to warm themselves. Fire makes man feel comfortable. With its mighty heat, its fire flames drifted straight skywards, giving man a mighty inspiration and a force to dash forward in the darkness. In its violent burning, aren’t its loud cracks like the repeated drum beats? 5. BaLa Political News:天道酬勤,日新月异






It is only natural that hard work pays off, and it brings changes for the better every day. In 2017, we held the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, embarking on a new journey towards the all-round building of a modern socialist China. Our national GDP reached a new level of 80 trillion yuan. Over 13 million new job opportunities were created in urban and rural areas. The social old-age pension schemes have covered more than 900 million people, while 1.35 billion people have gained access to basic medical insurance. Another more than 10 million rural residents have been lifted out of poverty. “If only I could get tens of thousands of mansions! I would house all the poor people who would then beam with smiles.” As part of our poverty alleviation efforts, 3.4 million people have moved into new and warm homes, and the goal of upgrading 6 million housing units in run-down areas has been realized in advance. The improvement of people’s well-being has been accelerated, and the ecological environment has gradually improved. The people have gained a stronger sense of fulfillment, happiness and security. We are now one big step closer to the completion of a moderately prosperous society in all respects.www.hhh521.com www.hhh521.com